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ELEVENTH HOUR (US) (Jerry Bruckheimer/Warner Bros Television) - 2008/9

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US remake of the British TV series starring Rufus Sewell as Jacob Hood and Marley Shelton as Rachel Young. The first season of 18 episodes features two stories adapted from Gallagher scripts (RESURRECTION, CONTAINMENT) and two further originals written for the US version (SUBWAY, featuring Mariel Hemingway, and MEDEA, featuring Melissa Sagemiller).

When I sold Eleventh Hour I pushed it as a pro-science procedural grounded entirely in the current state of technology. So no, it was never meant to be science fiction. Although I'd have been happy to see sf writers involved, because they tend to know where the line between actual science and speculation lies. Most arts-background people are far more ignorant of science than professional scientists are of culture. What I wanted for Eleventh Hour was the same kind of probity that you'd apply without question in a legal drama or a medical show. The last thing I wanted was a pasting from the Government's chief scientific advisor.

The pilot episode, adapted by Mick Davis and directed by Danny Cannon, won an ASC Outstanding Achievement Award for cinematographer David Stockton.