Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher


I broke in with audio drama, first with serials for Independent Local Radio and then with sales in some of Radio 4’s prestige slots – Saturday Night Theatre, The Afternoon Play, The Man in Black anthologies with Edward de Souza hosting. With the rise of podcast and streaming drama we’re seeing new techniques in production, distribution and consumption, but the skillset for the writer remains the same. And I still reckon it’s an enormously valuable skill for a writer to acquire. It was in radio that I learned to handle scenes and structure in a way that’s served me in every other medium since.

Stephen Gallagher
  • The Last Rose of Summer (ILR)
  • Hunters’ Moon (ILR)
  • The Babylon Run (ILR)
  • The Humane Solution (BBC Radio 4)
  • A Resistance to Pressure (BBC Radio 4)
  • An Alternative to Suicide (BBC Radio 4)
  • The Kingston File (BBC Radio 4)
  • The Wonderful Visit (BBC Radio 4)
  • Chimera (BBC Radio 4)
  • The Horn (BBC Radio 4)
  • By the River, Fontainebleau (BBC Radio 4)
  • Life Line (BBC Radio 4)
  • The Box (Hammer Chillers)
  • Nightmare Country (Big Finish)
  • Warriors’ Gate (BBC Audio)
  • The Kairos Ring (BBC Audio)
  • Casting the Runes (Bafflegab)
  • Terminus (BBC Audio)