Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher


From Cutaway Comics comes Faustine, a standalone graphic novel in the 48-page Prestige format. It’s part of the epic Gods and Monsters project set in the expanded universe of Doctor Who.

Faustine, a Tharil Princess, first unwitting target in the human slave uprising. Cut off from her own people, she escapes captivity only to be thrown into a crisis situation in modern-day Manchester. Depending on her slave engineer companion for survival, can the two former enemies survive the perils yet to come?

Written by Stephen Gallagher, Art by Martin Geraghty

Faustine’s my first venture into comics scripting and I had a great time doing it. Not that I was a total noob; I think I can fairly claim to have been a comic book fan before comics fandom. Grew up on ’60s DC and Marvel and then went off to read SF and horror until the indie boom reignited my interest in the ’80s. Writer/artist and all-round comics hero Bryan Talbot was part of our local sf group and through his contacts we played host to so many of the big-name creators and stars-in-the-making. With Faustine I finally got to play in their sandpit.

Stephen Gallagher