Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Christmas 2009

We’re all safely home – on a day of closed runways and widespread flight delays, our flights weren’t held up at all… we stopped for a curry and a sleep in Ealing and then, on a day of countrywide blizzards and blocked roads, we sailed through West London and up the M6 like there were angels with yard brushes clearing the way. Even made it home in time to pick up the dog and get the black Christmas tree down from the loft.

The hardest part was getting four people plus suitcases into a Yaris, in the dark, with hail, while ankle-deep in parking lot slush. All it needed was red noses and a honky horn and for the doors to fly off whenever we stopped.

Finally made it to Paradise Cove last week, the Malibu location of Jim Rockford’s caravan. It was pissing with rain, but I stood there! And we had lunch with Crusoe‘s Jeff and Lisa Hayes, in the beach restaurant between that spot and the pier. The next week, the weather reverted to California-normal and we had Disney days in the sun and 79 degrees on Santa Monica pier.

Back in the New Year. All my stuff’s there.