Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Chimera – 1982

The novel that inspired the ITV series starring John Lynch, Kenneth Cranham, and Christine Kavanagh. A terrifyingly plausible journey into the disturbing nerve-centers of medical science where our secret future is formed today.

When Peter Carson is invited to the pioneering Jenner Clinic by one of the lab assistants, he’s naturally intrigued. But when he arrives at the remote site in the Cumbrian fells to find police roadblocks and official silence, he realises that he’s stumbled onto a story that will do him no good at all.

Dr Jenner’s work matters to the government. Enough to warrant unlimited funding, high security, and the best technicians in the country. But something has gone badly wrong. The project that has no room for mistakes has produced a result so terrible that it must never see the light of day. And now the evidence must be destroyed, whatever the cost.

Genuinely creepy and alluring… Gallagher shows a classy, textured narrative style.

Kirkus Reviews

With accelerating advancements in the field of genetic engineering, Gallagher’s fictitious vision gains both credibility and plausibility by the hour

Fear Magazine

A rip-roaring chiller… a latter-day Prometheus both Unbound and bloody

Time Out
Paperback cover of Chimera, featuring the eyes of the hybrid creature at the heart of the story
Chimera Stephen Gallagher Paperback‏ : ‎287 pages £7.99 The Brooligan Press March 2019 Language: English ISBN-10‏ : 1916057802
ISBN-13 ‏: ‎978-1916057807