Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Journeyman: The Art of Chris Moore – 2000

Non fiction. Text/interview based on recorded conversations with one of the world’s foremost sf/fantasy artists.

Mix one master artist with a penchant for wry self-deprecation (Chris Moore) and a lauded British writer of suspense and horror (Stephen Gallagher). Add gorgeous reproductions of the artist’s award-winning work on everything from book covers to utility posters to Star Wars wallpaper. Stir in over thirty years of funny stories about life in the British art, music and publishing scene. The result: Journeyman: the Art of Chris Moore, a profusely illustrated book that explores Moore’s life, art, technique and context without pretension – and delivers a first-class read.

Crescent Blues

A full review and extract are available.

Journeyman: The Art of Chris Moore. Interview material by Stephen Gallagher