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Stephen Gallagher

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  • Stephen Laws

    My good friend, fellow-writer, and fearless reprobate Stephen Laws has joined the blogosphere. You can follow him here, or by going to www.stephenlaws.com. Tell him that I sent you. And that I’d labelled him ‘odd stuff’.

  • The Reprisalizer

    Anyone familiar with British 70s paperback series, and particularly those from the New English Library, will know exactly what’s going on here. This spoof site is the brainchild of British comedy actor Matthew Holness, whose previous comic creation was horror writer Garth Marenghi, the “self-appointed mastermind author” and writer, producer and director of Garth Mareghi’s…

  • Bernice Summerfield Did My Headshots

    Seriously. Lisa Bowerman – aka Doctor Who‘s Bernice Summerfield – is a talented portrait photographer, specialising in actors’ headshots. You’ll find numerous examples of her work in the Spotlight directory of performers. She works with traditional film negative and natural light, moving to digital for delivery. Photo credit: Lisa Bowerman Okay, so Pitt and Clooney…

  • Magic and Memorabilia

    Along with Chris Moore I headed down the motorway to Memorabilia last weekend. There I met up with Good Dog, and we had our first decent chat since a fleeting hello at the NFT’s South Bank Chimera event. I urged him to get blogging again. Which is slightly ironic, considering my own long periods of…

  • Coming Events

  • Writing Software

    I was looking for info before buying an upgrade to the latest version of Final Draft (decided against it, no advantages over the version I’ve got) and came across a link to this free writing software recommended by many. Haven’t tested it, so don’t know if it’s as good as they say. One thing for…

  • Chimera for Sale – Sold!

    A note via the website from Stefan – who says he recalls being scared witless by Chimera, as well he might since he was nine years old at the time – sent me to check out this item at movie collectables and memorabilia dealer The Prop Store. Here’s the text, to save you from squinting:…

  • Chris Moore

    In my post of the influence of Philip K Dick I talked about Chris Moore, cover artist for many of the PKD titles in the SF Masterworks series; just to add you can now buy signed prints from his website.

  • Tough Pitch

    For some reason the networks are reluctant to take a look at my love-triangle procedural, Two Girls, One Cop.

  • All Fools’ Day

    April 1st is the day we all wait patiently while media dullards jest.