Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Category: the forgotten

  • The Dodgers, Christian Slater, and Me (2)

    One thing I noticed at the ballgame. Before the gates there are big signs listing all the things you’re prohibited from bringing in. They include alcohol and weapons and there’s a bag search to check for them. As soon as you’re inside, they’ll sell you beer and a baseball bat!

  • The Dodgers, Christian Slater, and Me

    On Sunday I went to my first-ever ball game. The Dodgers vs the Chicago Cubs. Christian Slater was the day’s celebrity first-ball pitcher, and he’d invited the cast and crew of The Forgotten to attend the game as his guests. I dithered a bit, I admit… I’m not really a sports event kinda guy. But…

  • The UK Writer in US TV (2)

    They don’t get rid of me that easily. I’ve now joined ABC’s The Forgotten as co-executive producer, working as part of the team to bring creator Mark Friedman’s vision to the screen in the fall schedule. “The Forgotten Network” is a group of amateur detectives united in their quest to give names to unnamed victims,…