Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Faustine in the Stores

With new titles coming and the initial Kickstarter fulfilment well under way, Cutaway’s Gods and Monsters series will soon be available at comic book stores worldwide. Which means you can order and pick up locally with no postal charges, especially important when you consider the hefty sums levied for delivery to the US and overseas.

Beginning with a run of standalone titles that pave the way to an epic narrative in an interlocking story world, the Gods and Monsters project features creator-licensed characters and worlds from the ever-expanding universe of Doctor Who. Book One of the series contains the double bill of Sutekh (writer Ian Winterton, art Adrian Salmon) and Omega: Eltralla (Mark Griffiths and John Ridgeway). Book two is Faustine, sometimes going by Faustine, Princess of Tharil, scripted by me with art by Martin Geraghty.

In this prequel to Season 18’s Warriors’ Gate, the harnessing of Dwarf Star Alloy and the creation of the Gundan army empower a class of human slaves to switch places with their Tharil overlords in a violent uprising. Against this backdrop, a fleeing Princess and a pacifist Engineer are hunted in a time-spanning chase from a deep-space breakers’ yard to the streets of modern-day Manchester.

Bookstores will be supplied by Diamond Distribution. Copies can still be had by mail order now, direct from Cutaway. Choose one of the two variant covers – or both, that’s entirely up to you but it’s the same stuff inside – and Faustine comes with a disc of value-added material including video interviews and two complete audio commentaries for all four episodes of Warriors’ Gate. One of these commentaries features me, Matthew (Adric) Waterhouse, and all-round Who legend Graeme Harper, while the second has director Paul Joyce in conversation with Justin Johnson.