Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Christmas, and a plug for my Kindle stuff

I reckon I must have had a happy childhood because most of my Christmas gifts seem to recall it in one way or another. I’m kinda shameless in the hints I drop but at least it makes me easy to buy for. How else could anyone know that my old Corgi Batmobile needed a nice repro box and liner? (Seven quid, handmade, from Twentieth Century Box UK. Lovely work, and there’s no way this guy can be making any money out of it.)

If you’re puzzling over a shiny new Kindle today and looking for something to download onto it, let me remind you with an equal lack of shame that I have mucho stuff online now – click here for the UK selection or here for a US link, or just hop on Amazon and search the Kindle store with my name.

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