Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

The Wingrove Boy

In the comments section of the Crusoe post below, Tara provides this link to a site where you’ll find details of what Chung Kuo author David Wingrove has been up to in recent years. It’s a fascinating piece of insight into the roaring energy of a writer’s imagination.

I can’t be sure whether we first met at an Eastercon or when he came up to Preston to give a talk to the local SF group, back when the indefatigable Bryan Talbot was driving our guest program. I was awed by the imaginative ambition and sheer stamina involved in the Chung Kuo project.

I think we only found disagreement in one area – he believed in engaging in a debate with one’s critics, whereas I tend to believe in letting all that go. My take on it is that critics are talking to readers, and I’ve no part in that conversation. And critics who think they’re talking to writers are best not encouraged.