Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Doctor Who: Warriors’ Gate

(BBC) – 1981

A story in four thirty-minute episodes for season 18 of the classic British science fiction/adventure drama. Tom Baker played The Doctor. Warriors’ Gate was the writer’s first TV sale, and was later released on video by the BBC in a boxed set with two other adventures, known collectively as The E-Space Trilogy.

Companions were Adric (Matthew Waterhouse) and Romana (Lalla Ward). The final episode saw the departure of Romana along with K9 (voiced by John Leeson).

Romana’s adventures within and beyond The Gateway continue in the novella The Kairos Ring from BBC Audio.

The deep history of human/Tharil relations and the slave rebellion form the backdrop of Faustine, a one-shot story within the Gods and Monsters cycle from Cutaway Comics.

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