Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Silent Witness

Legacy, written for season 16 of the long-running BBC forensic pathology series, won Best Drama in the European Science TV and New Media Awards, 2013.

I was told, “Don’t be afraid to make it your own,” and I’ve taken them at their word. It can be tricky, making a contribution to an established and long-running show; it’s not your setup and they’re not your characters, but you still have to bring your best game. Many of SW’s writers seem to be regulars and it can be hard not to feel like some kind of an intruder.

One of the best things about the work has been the access to the top-level consultants and experts that the show has on standby, all of whom are alert to ways to enhance and advance the narrative. They don’t just see it as their role to shoot down science flaws. Some viewers will recognise something of an Eleventh Hour vibe in my episode. Which will hardly be a coincidence.

Stephen Gallagher