Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Trick Shot Photo Album



Set photographs by Robert Reeves

Location photographs by Robert Reeves and Marilyn Gallagher

Key to images:

  1. Malcolm Brown, Windermere
  2. Malcolm Brown, Oslo
  3. Malcolm, Stephen Gallagher, Oslo
  4. Malcolm, Frognerseteren Railway, Oslo
  5. The Shooting Lodge, Martindale
  6. Marilyn Gallagher, Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo
  7. Stephen Gallagher, apartment location
  8. Oslo Gardemoen Airport
  9. Albert Gallagher set visit
  10. Malcolm’s bid for Bond, Aira Force woodland
  11. Malcolm, Norman Randall
  12. The Shooting Lodge, Martindale (Jim Pope L)
  13. Anita Signy, Jim Grant
  14. Anita Signy
  15. Oslo harbour
  16. Jim Grant, Robert Reeves
  17. David Hill
  18. Peter Baker, composer
  19. Boat hire, Windermere
  20. Frognerseteren railway, Oslo
  21. Piccadilly Hotel bar, Manchester
  22. Malcolm, Norman, Stephen, Piccadilly Hotel bar, Manchester
  23. Malcolm, Stephen, railway crossing, Oslo
  24. Rita Lyons, Stephen, Rob