Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

New Gig

When people ask me whether I prefer working on novels or screenplays, I tend to give the same answer. Whichever I’m working on at any given time, I always yearn for the other. Novel writing is all brooding and solitude, which I kind of like. Screenwriting on a ‘go’ project is all deadlines and pressure and meetings, which I kind of like as well.

So after a quiet six months spent pulling together my follow-up to The Kingdom of Bones, there’s now the prospect of a TV job to take me through the summer. I was approached for it back in December, but had to take myself out of consideration. At the time I thought – wrongly, as it turns out – that the presence of coproduction money could put me on the wrong side of WGA action.

I can’t say much about the project until I’m actually on board, but it’s potentially a lot of hard work and fun. Well, the hard work’s a given. We’ll have to see about the fun part.