Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Family Ties (2)

Well, there was an upside to the delay in getting my visa.

It meant that I was in London for long enough to catch my daughter’s grad show at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire – and on Father’s Day, too.

It was a great gig with lots of talent all round, and seriously well-attended. I stood behind Hank Marvin in the line outside. Here’s a shot of Ellen in an Aerosmith medley. Clearly not enjoying herself at all.

It was loud and full of energy and it got the balcony on their feet. The debris on the stage is the remains of a ukelele, smashed a few seconds before by the guitarist.

Now that’s Rock and Roll.


2 responses to “Family Ties (2)”

  1. A smashed ukulele, Sir? Crivens! Imagine poor George Formby's little face, if he were still around to see such debased madness.

    On a completely unrelated front, I've spent my lunchtime watching your head talking, in the Doctor Who: Terminus DVD featurette. Splendid work. You even managed to be disparaging, yet tactful, about the Garm.

  2. Well, the more time passes, the more I appreciate how much was achieved with so little back then, and to what extent WHO was driven by a combination of small change and great commitment!