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Stephen Gallagher

Oscars, Before and After

I was going to drive down to Hollywood Boulevard last night to take a look at the Oscar preparations, but it was raining fairly steadily (‘a storm’, in local parlance) and I was frankly not that arsed. At the moment, everything’s locked up around there – when I last looked they appeared to be tenting over several blocks because the forecast was for the rain to continue. I didn’t even try to get through to Amoeba for a mooch around the world’s most amazing DVD section.

I don’t think I’ve ever watched an Oscar TV show before but I suppose I’ll watch this one because I’m here. I’m rooting for Bigelow and The Hurt Locker. Despite what I said in an earlier post, I managed to see Avatar (and Sherlock Holmes) before BAFTA voting closed. I think Avatar‘s okay; a very high level of okay, but best picture? Seriously, no. At the bottom line it’s a technically spectacular presentation of a routine fantasy.

Which has no bearing on how the Academy might vote, at all. These are the people who voted Ghandi the Best Costume Design award.

I have a bet on the Oscars. Well, it’s not really a bet. I filled out a form at Trader Joe’s where you get a $75 voucher if you pick all the winners and yours comes out of the hat.

So, I’m invested.


F*** me! Do they always draw it out this much? Since this show started I’ve been able to drive into town, shop, cook dinner, eat and wash up, and it’s still going on! It’s like having your bone marrow sucked out.


But… Yay! Bigelow and The Hurt Locker!

With those and the other categories my picks all came in, 100%.

Do you see that, Trader Joe?


2 responses to “Oscars, Before and After”

  1. Awards ceremonies are always dreadful to watch live. Much better to wait and see the highlights, as you would have probably done if you weren't state-side. For the Best Picture winner, 'The Hurt Locker' was a good film but I was personally rooting for 'Up In The Air' and as for 'Avatar' – he certainly deserved it more than he did for 'Titanic'!