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Stephen Gallagher

On the set of Crusoe

The Crusoe Region 1 boxed set is now officially out, with the first torrented rips preceding it online like pageboys scattering rose petals ahead of the bride.

But really, save your bandwidth and your blank discs; at $19.99 from Amazon piracy really isn’t worth the trouble, even when you add international postage.

It’s also available from CD-WOW and I’ve seen what appears to be a legit Region 2 version offered on eBay; I think it’s a Dutch release with switchable subs, but don’t quote me on that.

To mark the release, here are some of those UK behind-the-scenes shots I promised a while back. Just about all our UK stuff was shot in or close to the city of York, and if there’s any interest I’ll compile a list of the locations sometime. It’s a place I’d recommend for a visit anyway, and in the space of a long weekend one could put together quite a neat ‘Crusoe trail’ of sites and houses. Maybe if I go broke I should hire a bus and run tours.

Bernie (props) and Mia Maestro as Olivia/Oliver, preparing for her first scene in the Old Shambles, York
Three Graces, York Minster
Production Designer Jonathan Lee
Philip Winchester, Mark Dexter
Anna Walton, Terence Harvey
Sean Bean, Philip Winchester
Sam Neill with director Duane Clark
Though it was a Bank Holiday, we were allowed to close York Minster…
…and bring in this amazing crane for the Crusoe wedding sequence
St William’s College, behind the Minster, served as another of our London streets
After the wedding, Newby Hall exterior
Joaquim de Almeida, Yerblogger, and a rare shot of Executive Producer Jeff Hayes captured in a brief moment of near-stillness
Of course, it’s not everyone has the legs for shorts


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  1. For the first half-year of its life, all that existed of the show was Jonathan Lee’s treehouse designs and his concept sketches for various devices, many of which we were later able to incorporate into the stories — the hamster wheel, the juicer, the various weapons… as well as helping to sell the show to backers they set a tone of playfulness that the rest of us then picked up on.