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Stephen Gallagher

A DVD Competition and a Trailer

Over at the Are You Screening blog, reviewer Marc Eastman writes about the Eleventh Hour DVDs and offers the chance for readers in the US and Canada to win a set simply by adding to the comments section.

“Starring Rufus Sewell, on the short list of most underrated actors, as one of the world’s leading scientists who works for the government tracking down criminals who abuse science in ways few other people would understand, Eleventh Hour is an order of magnitude beyond your typical crime show. There’s investigating using science, and then there’s investigating using science, and this show is simply off in another world. Whether it’s cloning, bizarre viruses, or people with two hearts, if Dr. Hood gets sent in, we’ve moved into realms no one else wants to be involved with.”

Read the entry in full here.

Meanwhile Warner Bros has (have?) put out an online trailer for the release. I saw this on the Spike TV website, where the clip was preceded by a condom ad.

See, I told you it was a sexy show.

Don’t worry if you happen to get the condom ad, it’s quite tasteful. Although if you ask me, the mime has a rather exaggerated opinion of himself.

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2 responses to “A DVD Competition and a Trailer”

  1. Ooh, I got the "I so love this show" shivers I always get when watching that scene. Truly a brilliant episode from a wonderful series. I can never thank you enough for creating it.

    I was also extremely happy to read that article, as it was finally one which gave EH some of the due it deserves.

    There is another contest for the set, although this is only available to those in the US, here:


  2. Of course it was a sexy show! It had two of the sexiest stars on TV. Rufus' voice (well, all of him), Marley's physique and toughness, and their unique chemistry made it what it was.

    Gosh… Those were good times. And I was also very happy to read that article because that person couldn't been more right. Finally someone with a great taste.