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Stephen Gallagher

Eleventh Hour US

We – I say we, because the Bruckheimer gang have gone out of their way to make me feel a part of the team – are going through a weird-feeling time at the moment, waiting to see if CBS are going to opt for a second season. The show has its champions, and also its critics. It also pulled a steady audience averaging twelve million people, which is not to be sniffed at.

Some commentators are pointing to a numbers dip for the season finale as an indicator of decline, overlooking the fact that the timeslot had been pre-empted for basketball the previous two weeks, and that the episode (my episode!) was up against the last-ever ER. For me that’s nothing new – seeing my stuff pre-empted for sports has been the bane of my professional life.

If there is a second season, then there’s lots of good stuff lined up for it… I won’t go into detail in case I suddenly find that I’m not a part of the team anymore. Nobody loves a blabber. But really it’s down to CBS deciding whether to build on what’s there or roll the dice again and hope for something bigger.

I heard last week that there’s a fan campaign for renewal – as well as messages and letters of support, people have been sending wristwatches to CBS with the hands set at eleven o’clock.

Wristwatches! And if that doesn’t work, they have bigger weapons to roll out.

Oh, yes. There’s talk of wall clocks

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  1. Mr. Gallagher, I think that the EH episodes that you did were absolutely brilliant! CBS has a hit on its hands, and, with you onboard, it has a MEGA-HIT. I wish that they would just see it already and renew.
    Just so you know, too, here is the link for the Eleventh Hour Renewal Campaign, which some fans and I started a few weeks back. It is the one you mentioned. We love the show and we love you, and we will fight as hard as we can to get CBS to renew.


    Anything else we can do, you just let us know!

  2. That’s great to hear. All I can say for certain right now is that despite whatever rumours you may pick up one way or the other, nothing’s been decided yet. Jerry B and his team are 100% behind the show and it’s entirely down to CBS’s perception of their scheduling needs and how best to meet them, and that’s an ongoing set of arguments and calculations that continue right up to… I was going to say the eleventh hour, but that would be just waaaaay too cheesy!

  3. Eleventh Hour is my favorite show and I am going to be very sad if it’s not renewed. I love the way it makes us think about the ethics involved in science ventures.

  4. Mr. Gallagher, we’re huge fans of your show here in Mexico. Medea was, in my opinion, the best episode of the season.
    We really want this show back for a second season. EH is unique and very entertaining. The Renewal Campaign has attracted new fans and we’re sure that if the show comes back it will grow more and more.
    We truly appreciate you mentioning the campaign and we will not stop. That is only the beginning.

  5. Btw, there’s now a link to the renewal campaign on the Bruckheimer Films website — go to http://www.jbfilms.com and, after the intro, either navigate to the show in the TV section or click on the picture of Rufus.

    Be assured that what you guys are doing is known about and appreciated.

  6. Wow, that is really great news! Please pass it around to Mr. Bruckheimer and the rest of the crew that the fans are behind you all 110%. Since we created this campaign, I alone have spoken to dozens of fans each day who also love the show as I do. We started this to unite all the existing fans together to let CBS know that we wanted it back. We unwittingly got a lot more than that. We began attracting brand new fans, and it has been amazing. I only wish we had started this prior to the finale, because I think the ratings might even have reflected this endeavor. No matter. We will all be here for Season 2!

  7. Good luck with it. I hope CBS see sense. I know The Mentalist is drawing a crowd but watching a couple of episode on Five, I just don’t get it. I think it was The Guardian recently that gave it a particularly damning review, zeroing in on the inherent flaws.

    I’m annoyed about Life being put out to pasture as well. That was an excellent series. Damian Lewis put in a terrific performance.

    They must have known the writing was on the wall because the season two finale wrapped everything up, even mirroring the opening shots of the very first episode in the final shots.

  8. 10 days to go until CBS announces the shows for the 2009-2010 season. The suspense is killing me. The only thing I want to hear is that Eleventh Hour has been renewed! I’ve been mesmerized for one hour each week by Eleventh Hour and I really want that to continue.

  9. Mr. Gallagher,

    We just wanted you to know that we are all still plugging away. Every day, more and more fans are flooding in to all the forums. It is pretty amazing. I hope we all have some good news real soon!

  10. Mr. Gallagher,

    Any news on your end? There have been some more negative rumors floating around. The fans need some hope.

  11. No, CBS are famously tight-lipped around this time and I’ve heard that leakage is dealt with pretty harshly. Some shows have an early nod — the NCIS spinoff, for example — but mostly they keep rearranging the pieces on the board until the very last moment.

    I won’t weep if we get moved from Thursday because that’s seen as a slot for launching new shows. But I agree that news of some kind would be welcome.

  12. Thank you for responding so quickly. Some of the fans are getting very disheartened and I figured it is always good to go right to the source. It seems to me that all these articles and pundits and predictions have always been pretty clueless about Eleventh Hour. It is like they do not know where to put it.
    I also wanted to let you know that your fans will watch EH anytime, anywhere, any STATION. Should CBS opt out, I hope that you and Mr. B have intentions of moving forward with this wonderful show. It is just too good to ever be dropped. And we will be there!

  13. Thanks — CBS is “always the hardest to read because of its imposed cone of silence,” according to The Hollywood Reporter, so a tense time is guaranteed for all. Throughout this week the networks are “floating various schedules” before locking down on the one they want to go with, which is why they keep their options open so late. Plus, I imagine it gives them bargaining power on show budgets and licensing fees.

  14. Hi there! I just wanted to say that I think that the Eleventh Hour is one of the best shows on tv. I love that it’s thought-provoking and philisophical while still maintaining an undercurrent of dry humor. I also feel really connected to the characters (especially Hood). I am delighted to find a show that takes a crack at explaining difficult scientific topics and I don’t have any problems with the truth being stretched a little (and I’m a scientist). I especially enjoyed ‘Containment’. This show made my Thursdays so much more enjoyable. Whether or not the show continues, thank you for a wonderful experience! I would watch this show on any network.

  15. Mr. Gallagher,

    Waiting on pins and needles here.

    I think I can speak for myself as well as Eleventh Hour’s loyal viewers and fans (All 12 MILLION of them) when I say that I will follow this show wherever it may go.

    Any time slot.

    Any network.

  16. Mr. Gallagher, we really hope Eleventh Hour gets a second season; we’ll watch it on any network. The show is so great, it wouldn’t have a problem. And we’re still waiting for the good news.

  17. Hey there Mr. Gallagher!

    I am a HUGE fan of Eleventh Hour, (it’s my obsession, I can never think of anything else :P.) I’m so glad to hear that you are on our side. 🙂 If Eleventh Hour dies, I’ll probably die with it. Really, I’m that obsessed.

    My favorite episode was Medea, oh man, that episode is my life! XD I shouldn’t be saying this, but I’ve watch Medea over and over more that 18 times. 🙂 I’ll never get bored of it. Great job, Mr. Gallagher! XD

    The rumors about Eleventh Hour being already dead, I hope they aren’t true. Hopefully, we (EHRC) can all make sure that never happens?

    Also, as many other have said, (And K,) anytime, anywhere, and station :).

  18. I and many others have voiced ever so gently, some not so much, but we have been innundating CBS to keep the show on for at least another season. Imagine a world where one actually learns something from a non PBS tv show??? We are hoping that CBS has taken note and have listened to the pleas, Monday seems to be the day of reckoning. Here’s hoping to a second season. The possibilities are endless as to where they can take this show, more character development is in order, and more interesting story lines too. Lord knows the talent is there.

  19. I had another thought, I had a feeling from the start about this show, CBS barely gave it a notice by way of publicity. They latched onto The Mentalist, and stayed with it. You had to really search for a preview of any sort, hardly a mention in the tabloids no print publicity at all. It’s a shame if it’s not re-newed, they will be missing a large audience that tuned in to Thursdays. To think of the many fans who have voiced their thoughts and opined in earnest that we want the show to continue. Shame on CBS for dropping the ball on this one. If it ends it’s just another sad day for those who hunger for quality tv.

  20. I have become a fan of Eleventh Hour and enjoy the show immensely. I enjoy the interaction between Jacob and Rachel. I hope that Jerry Bruckheimer will not give up on the show even if CBS does. I did not know anything about Rufus Sewell before this show but I will definitely follow him. He is a Gem. You Brits are lucky.

  21. Hi Mr Gallagher
    Just in the last 24 hours, we have had postings on the CBS Eleventh Hour fan forum from fans in Norway, The Netherlands and your beloved England. They love the show as much as we Americans do. Please know we are behind you and Eleventh Hour 100%. We are all busy letting CBS know just how much we love the show too!

  22. Mr. Gallagher,

    All of our thoughts are with you and we are hopeful for the announcement.

    We want many, many years ahead for your show!