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Stephen Gallagher

Planet Hood

CBS online have dropped Eleventh Hour from the shows listed on their site and closed the fan forum, but the fanac has relocated to Planet Hood, a dedicated site with a new forum that pretty much picks up where the old threads left off.

From the way they’ve laid out the stall, it looks as if they’re planning to work it up into a resource for info on the episodes. For now it’s the place to go if you want to vent some feelings, share some opinions, or even join in with the resurrection campaign.

I see from a Google that there’s also the Wiki-based 11thHourShow.org, with character quotes and episode summaries and pix I haven’t seen elsewhere.

No, I didn’t foster or encourage any of this, although obviously I’m sympathetic to the campaign’s aims. From its inception this show has given me some of my worst and some of my best experiences working in TV, and it had finally reached a place where what I’d wanted and what I was getting were one and the same. Who wouldn’t want to see that continue?

5 responses to “Planet Hood”

  1. Mr. Gallagher,

    Thank you for shining some light on Planet Hood.

    Just because CBS was shortsighted enough to cancel the brilliant show Eleventh Hour, doesn’t mean it’s 12 million viewers have to let it go so easily.

    If you are a fan of Stephen G. and will miss Eleventh Hour as much as we will, stop by and see what we are up to at Planet Hood.

  2. Mr. Gallagher,

    Amazon lists a future DVD for Eleventh Hour (American version) with an ASIN
    # B001CTBW14.


    This should be a universal product code not a number assigned by Amazon. Have you heard anything about a DVD and would Warner Home Video be the studio offering it rather than CBS (which is shown as the studio)?

    Unfortunately, the Amazon listing
    lists the stars as Rufus and Marc Blucas (child in first show) rather than Marley. The first picture that comes up is a picture of Marc and Marley. I just sent some corrections to Amazon but I don't know if they'll take the 3 references I provided and make the changes or not. (I used IMBD, CBS and Variety as references with URLs).

    At least we fans can sign up for an
    email telling us when the DVD is available – which is awesome – assuming this is for real!

  3. I think Amazon do this as a kind of ‘placeholder’ entry, when the release is scheduled but before any artwork or content is finalised. So it’s a sign that the DVD is on its way, in the manner of a ‘watch this space’ announcement.

    As to how Amazon determines how it lists the stars and other contributors… I’m guessing it’s some automated thing because I’ve never been able to work it out!

  4. Mr. Gallagher,

    Thank you for mentioning our site and Campaign in your blog. You are a very thoughtful and gifted man. Everyone here at Planet Hood appreciates it. Take care.

  5. Amazon has corrected the DVD for Eleventh Hour. If you search for Eleventh Hour, it now correctly brings up our show with Rufus, Marley and Omar as the stars. When you click on the title for details, the DVD page only shows Rufus and Marley as stars (they left off Omar there for some reason). The first picture shown is currently of Rufus, Marley and Omar rather than Marley and the child actor. I think the order of the pictures can change (there are 11 now) but hopefully the first pic will be of the actual stars of the show.

    Anyone who is interested in the DVD, please consider signing up at Amazon to be notified when it is available: