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Stephen Gallagher

Where Are They Now?

Congratulations to Sir Patrick Stewart on his knighthood and to Marley Shelton on the birth of her daughter.

Safe to say that I can claim no credit for either.

3 responses to “Where Are They Now?”

  1. Yes, West Flynn is a very pretty baby. Just like her mother.
    I still wonder how Marley's pregnancy was going to be written into Eleventh Hour's first episodes.

  2. The groundwork for a temporary absence is set up in Medea although, hand on heart, I didn't get to hear of Marley's pregnancy until after the script was written.

    It was always part of my take on Hood's character that he'd be prepared to see Rachel's career hopes frustrated for the greater good, while she would feel a tension between her loyalty to the assignment and her fear of being left in the dust by her contemporaries.

    Medea was a crossroads for both of them — him realising that he needed to let her go, her realising that she didn't want to.

    So pregnancy or no pregnancy, we'd have started season 2 with separation issues. Under the circumstances I'd have delayed their resolution for as long as was needed, and ramped up the danger to Hood with some less competent protection in the meantime.

  3. You know, I always thought that Rachel's accident was written because of Marley's pregnancy, but now that you mentioned you hadn't heard about it, it makes the whole thing very interesting. So are you saying that Hood somehow wanted Rachel to quit but at the same time wanted her to stay?

    I understand both characters' situation. Hood was clearly overcoming his wife's death and he was doing great by working at the FBI and didn't want another loss. But I think Rachel was caught up between her father and her partners' success and trying to prove that she was too doing something real and important.

    I love the chemistry between both actors. And I still wonder when was the time Hood fell for Rachel, when was the time he started caring for her, because at first he was so immersed in his mind and his responsibility to solve cases. Different situation for Rachel, since Hood was an assignment, however, there were a couple of moments in 'Pinocchio' when she was really worried about him. And from then on.

    On a funny note, I always wanted someone to make a clip of the many times Rachel asked Hood what he was thinking, or what was on his mind. There were several!