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Stephen Gallagher

Brian Clemens

I just heard from BFS Chairman Guy Adams that the great Brian Clemens will be joining Jasper fforde as a Guest of Honour at this year’s British Fantasycon. And if I’m really good I may get to do the interview. How cool is that?

From the events page of the BFS Website:

We are delighted to announce that our second Guest of Honour is Brian Clemens. Born in Surrey in 1931, he is best known as the creative force behind The Avengers, for many of us epitomised by the image of Diana Rigg starring as Mrs Emma Peel. After service in the Army he worked in an advertising agency, during which he wrote a script which attracted the attention of the BBC. And from small beginnings… He later wrote the pilot episode of The Avengers, first shown in 1961. Besides writing for this, he scripted TV shows such as Adam Adamant Lives, The Persuaders, The Professionals and Thriller. A more detailed biography can be found here.

The convention will take place on the weekend of September 18-20, at the Britannia Hotel, 1 St James Street, Nottingham. Ian Watson will be the Master of Ceremonies. Click here for prices and registration information.

9 responses to “Brian Clemens”

  1. I am jealous, too. Not so much about Jasper…but Clemens (I am a TV geek, first and foremost). I’d love to know the story behind the failed remake of THE PROFESSIONALS and his take on the AVENGERS movie. Is there any hope of the AVENGERS being done again…and done right?


  2. Oh…you might also ask him about the failed, American TV series remake of AVENGERS for CBS entitled ESCAPADE, starring Granville Van Dusen as John Steed and Morgan Fairchild as Emma Peel…with Quinn Martin as the executive producer. Yeah, you read right, Quinn Martin, the man behind BARNABY JONES and CANNON. Could you pick a worse producer for an American AVENGERS?

  3. I already have my ticket! Looking forward to this – Brian Clemens should be a fascinating guest. Guy, please note, Steve would make a SUPERB interviewer. 🙂
    Caroline Callaghan