Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

John Stroud

A shadow is cast across the day as I learn of the untimely death of John Stroud, a talented director and one of the most pleasant and engaging people I’ve had the honour of working with.

Many of John’s achievements were in television comedy, so it was surely no coincidence that he brought a light and deft touch to drama.

I met him when he directed my Bugs episode Blaze of Glory back in 1997. I have vivid memories of a visit to our set in dripping tunnels just off London’s Clink Street, made-over into a gothic nightmare complex with Leslie Ash hanging upside-down a wire harness…

John was a welcoming presence, and great company, and his death is a real loss.

2 responses to “John Stroud”

  1. Read his obit… recognised the name, moreso the programmes he made – especially KYTV: a much under-appreciated comedy gem of a programme; satirised satellite TV perfectly, even if Geoffrey Perkins (RIP) couldn't act.