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Stephen Gallagher

The Writers’ Guild at 50

Here’s a thing I didn’t know: if you’re a member of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain and you sell a script in the US, the hefty WGA registration fee is waived. And WGA membership is a requirement over there, not an option.

This just received from Tom Green:

The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain is celebrating its 50th anniversary on Wednesday 13th May 2009 and, to commemorate this momentous occasion, we are offering 50 people the chance to join the Guild on its 50th anniversary for just £50.

This offer applies to Full members, who currently pay a minimum of £150 per annum, and Candidate members who pay £100. The offer applies to a new member’s first year of membership only.

To be one of the lucky 50, call the Guild’s Membership Team on 13th May 2009, between 9.30am and 5.30pm, on 01952 214 063 and quote ‘WGGB Anniversary Offer’. You can pay your £50 over the telephone by credit or debit card and your welcome pack will be sent on within a few days.

Alternatively, members of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain Facebook Group can take advantage of the special offer by sending a Facebook message with their name and contact details to fellow group member Naomi MacDonald AND changing their status on 13th May to “Happy 50th Birthday to the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain”

Please note that this special offer is only available on 13th May 2009.

We look forward to welcoming our 50 new members. What better way to celebrate our half-century!

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One response to “The Writers’ Guild at 50”

  1. Yup you’re right, Stephen. If you’re a member of the British Guild, the WGA waives the $2500 registration fee which, with the current exchange rate, is about a zillion British pounds.

    And for those who think they don’t need to belong to the Guild: I’m an experienced writer with a super agent, and I still needed the Guild to fight a legal case for me. They won. And got me every penny of the money due. Join the Guild.