Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

PS Publishing Summer Sale

Pete Crowther is currently applying a walloping 60% discount to almost all of his back catalogue titles, which means that the hardcover editions of White Bizango and Out of his Mind can be had for ten quid (or sixteen dollars) each.

The indie presses often have to price their titles on the high side to reflect their high setup-to-volume costs, so this represents a really good deal.

The link for White Bizango is here.

That for Out of his Mind – winner of the BFS Award for best short story collection – can be found here.

Both books have covers by the amazing Chris Moore and Out of his Mind has an introduction by the great Brian Clemens. The White Bizango introduction is by the awesome Joe R Lansdale. According to the PS website, remaining stocks on each title are low – between 11 and 20 copies of each. Once they’re gone, that’s it.

Go here for the PS Publishing home page.

Go on. Go on.

2 responses to “PS Publishing Summer Sale”

  1. Bastard! I should've waited: I bought "Out of Mind" full-price!

    Damned worth the money, though: quality fiction, production and cover-design.

    And a well-deserved win, even if you had to bugger off early Steve!

  2. But Chris… just think of the extra karma you acquired! Beaming it your way right now…

    And my leaving for home ahead of the ceremony is part of a long-running tradition in which I give awards organisers the opportunity to persuade me to stay, which they invariably fail to seize.