Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

All Change

Fun and games here. I’ve seen the director’s cut of my new episode and feel good reason to be happy. Danny Cannon stopped by the office this morning to say nice things about it. It’s set to air in January; last I heard was the 12th, but that can change.

It’s been part of my arrangement that along the way I’d generate new ideas and pitch them to JBTV under a development deal that pre-dates my involvement with The Forgotten.

Well, two weeks ago, one of my balls landed in the bucket, so to speak. As of Monday I switch from working on the show to full-time pilot development. It’s good timing; The Forgotten has hit its stride and has some good material lined up to take it to the end of the season.

No, I don’t want to say anything about the new show. Not here, not now. But I do want to say to Mark and my co-workers that the last six months have been a blast.

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7 responses to “All Change”

  1. I think we need to start a dead pool on what the network/production company will want you to change from the original script.

    My vote: They ask for more sympathetic characters.