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Stephen Gallagher

CBS Fall Schedule

It’s just been confirmed that Eleventh Hour will air in the post-CSI slot on Thursdays at 10pm in CBS’s Fall schedule. In the words of one of the people who passed me the info, “This is huge”. It had already been tagged as “the biggest television deal ever made during development season” – which, if I’m honest, probably says more about Bruckheimer’s industry muscle than it does about anything else.

But with Crusoe on NBC at 8pm Fridays, it means that one way or another I get my grubby fingerprints onto twenty-six hours’ worth of US primetime this year.

No, I’m not sure how that came about, either. But I’ll tell you what I’m struck by, and that’s the speed of movement when Americans make TV. Because of my exclusivity clause I can’t be directly involved in production on Eleventh Hour, but I’m having a great time on Crusoe. The pace can seem ruthless but it’s also exhilarating. For a screenwriter it’s the nearest thing you can get to live performance.

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5 responses to “CBS Fall Schedule”

  1. I haven’t seen the pilot yet but I’ve been told I get story credit on the episodes based on my material, and a general credit for being the source.

    I’m not the hands-on creator of the CBS version so that wouldn’t be an appropriate form of words.

    As for IMDB – it can be a handy resource, but not always a complete one. They’ve still got me listed as the writer of “F*cking Different New York”, despite my completing their online form to tell them otherwise. It’s not something I mind, I just don’t want the other guy’s thunder.

    I don’t usually do stuff like that – it isn’t my job – and this one time I did, it doesn’t appear to have made any difference.

  2. Cool stuff, so are you spending more time on this side of the planet – if so I’m up and down the West Coast all the time…

    Not to mention you would LIKE the SF Museum up here 🙂

  3. If this is of any interest: a friend – Jeremy Zimmermann told me he’s casting Crusoe …. btw, I see you have put my “Seventies Nostalgia” blog on your site and I have put your link on mine! Shall try and remember more ’70’s stories now.