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Stephen Gallagher

Chimera on DVD

From Revelation Films with a launch date of May 24th, if you’re interested… Chimera wasn’t my first TV work but it was the one that upshifted my career and spoiled me for anything less than big-budget ‘event’ TV.

Few official details yet but the product description reads, First broadcast on British TV in 1991, Chimera is a controversial story about a plot to create a new breed of human, based on crossing the genetics of a man and an ape, and the attempts by the government to cover up their secret plans.

Revelation have been negotiating for the rights even since their launch of the Oktober DVD, when I recorded an interview for inclusion in the extras. They’ve had access to a lot of background material and it promises to make an interesting package. I’ll write more about it and my memories of making the show as the launch gets nearer but for now, here’s the Amazon link.

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6 responses to “Chimera on DVD”

  1. I went to Blackpool in August 1991 (I think) and I'm sure there was an exhibit of the creature from 'Chimera' somewhere along the front. My memories a bit hazy…is that something you knew about/recall? Or have I gone mad?

    I've still got the Focus VHS release at work – I don't have a VHS player at home anymore – and the cover has your name boldly across the bottom, almost like a book cover (as it should be). I've also just noticed it was Anglia were involved in it's production – I was at the EAFA earlier this week so I probably walked right by the film elements!

  2. As I think I've mentioned here before, Chimera was a strong childhood TV memory of mine (I was 12 when it aired) and it really gave me the creeps back then. It'll be interesting to see if it's stood the test of time.

  3. I'd forgotten about the Blackpool exhibit… either that, or I'm way too suggestible and I'm manufacturing a false memory of it now… but no, I'm pretty sure you're right.

    The VHS was a feature-length cut-down but Revelation's intention was to issue the full four hours — as far as I'm aware that's still the plan.

    As to whether it will hold up… well, enough time has passed to muddy up our perspective!

    That'll be my excuse, anyway.

  4. Stephen, I'd just like to say, When i saw this on TV it scared the hell out of me, I was 12 at the time, Really i had nitemares about it lol, I bought the book a few years later and it was excellent, I'll be buying the DVD for sure, I bought the American version a few years back and watched it with my wife and it wasent the same, So im looking forward to seeing it again, Ive seen every horror film going, But this is the the one that scared the hell out of me, Even now.

  5. Thanks for all those comments — I'll be posting again soon about some of the features that Revelation are including on the disc. Executive Producer Archie Tait and director Lawrence Gordon 'Ghost Stories for Christmas' Clark are both involved.