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Stephen Gallagher

Killer Robots On The Bubble

Thanks to Piers Beckley for a heads-up to the fact that Josh Friedman, showrunner on The Sarah Connor Chronicles, has returned to blogging with this post on what it was like to be working on the Warners lot and waiting for word on his show’s fate.

I watched all the episodes of Sarah Connor. Didn’t necessarily love them all, sometimes didn’t even know what the hell was going on, but always found myself drawn back. Lena Headey and Thomas Dekker surely made the dourest mother-son pairing since Christmas at the Oedipus house, but the casting of Summer Glau as the protector-robot was a stroke of genius.

The prospect of another big-budget Terminator feature doesn’t thrill me too much. It’s like they’re obliged to be massively apocalyptic, and we’ve had that story. Whereas the long march from here to there seemed more suited to episodic television.

Life, though… Life‘s the cancelled show I think I’ll miss most. Apart from the obvious, of course.

2 responses to “Killer Robots On The Bubble”

  1. I could never get my head around what was going on with The Sarah Conner Chronicles a lot of the time. of the episodes I saw, when it was great it was great and when it wasn't… well, you get the picture.

    I was watching the second season opener of Life yesterday on ITV3 and will seriously miss it when it's gone.

    Of course with both series off in the ether it means that the excellent Garret Dillahunt is available if *cough* anyone wants to hire him for their new show.

    And Christmas at the Oedipus House sounds like an idea worth pursuing.

  2. I've never seen SJC but I show which I thought showed excellent promise, but ultimately got cancelled was "Tru-Calling".

    The main problem was ultimately the first series: very slow and plodding to start, but when the "antagonist" was introduced, it got much, much better.

    The second series got pulled half-way through the run, and ended on such a cliffhanger it reminded me of the last episode to "Alien Nation" – infuriating!