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Stephen Gallagher

Michael Sharvell-Martin

You may not know the name, but if you’ve any familiarity with British TV comedy of the last 30 years you’ll immediately recognise the face… actor Michael Sharvell-Martin died of cancer of the oesophagus on October 27th.

A consistent and solid player in scripted comedy (No Place Like Home, Terry and June), and a regular in shows with Dave Allen and Benny Hill, Sharvell-Martin was also the founding chairman of The Irving Society, dedicated to the life and memory of the Victorian actor-manager.


4 responses to “Michael Sharvell-Martin”

  1. Aw boo, bugger and arse! Another pillar of my childhood gone! I am a great admirer of his work, particularly on Dave Allen at Large and the many specials he did! 65 seems far too young for him to pass on! RIP

  2. Found out about this from another forum. He was a nice man who lived locally and taught drama. Great shame especially as he was only a few months older than me.
    Stalwart of the Dave Allen show which I know he enjoyed most of all his work.

  3. I knew Michael for the last ten years. A very modest man who had been in many classic comedies I grew up with, and was one of the best panto dames in the business