Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Savage Season Interview

From an interview just posted on the Savage Season Books website:

“I’ve never consciously scheduled my career to the extent that I could say, Oh, yeah, I put this aside and focused on that. If you do this for a living then you’re relentlessly pushing to do all you can all the time in whatever medium. And when you feel a bit of give, see a chink of light, sense the opportunity to get something off your wish list and out into the world, then you pour all of your energies into that.”

See me sort out the future of publishing, the impact of the eBook, selling your stuff to America, the role of the small press, and everything short of World Peace here.

(Actually, it’s mostly “me, me, me”)

And while we’re at it, internet, there is no such thing as a “sneak peak”.

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