Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Scribal Rites

The Wall Street Journal features this piece on how TV series writers have their own ways to achieve fulfilment and exact retribution. Most of the examples are more subtle than confrontational…

David Kohan (tells of how) comedian Elayne Boosler treated him so badly early in his career that he tried for years to get revenge. Finally, a character on his show “Boston Common” was stopped at the airport for making a wisecrack about a bomb. He said ‘You’re going to arrest me for telling a stupid joke? Then why don’t you arrest Elayne Boosler?

Some are more direct…

To writers, bringing actors down a notch is sweet revenge. Some love to tell the story of the time an actor uttered a familiar lament to Mr. Bochco, the producer: “My character would never say that.”

Says Mr. Bochco: “I told him, ‘Maybe your character wouldn’t say that, but he’s not your character, he’s my character, and he’s saying it right here.” He pointed to the script.

For the rest of it, with stories from Desperate Housewives and The Sopranos, click here.