Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

The Traveler

Well, that’s how those Americans spell it…

8.00pm, Saturday, January 24th on NBC… the first hour of my two-part Crusoe season finale, in which our backstory and main story come together and I can promise you answers to all the questions raised in the Sam Neill/Jeremiah Blackthorn subplot.

No, of course you won’t find them in the book. What do you think this is?

Just to note… the wedding scene, pictured above, was shot in York Minster and all of our UK material, apart from one or two pickup scenes in South Africa and some harbour stuff out in Whitby, was shot either in the city itself or in one of several amazing houses in the immediate area.

At some point in my Copious Spare Time I’ll dig out the schedule and list the places that are available to be seen or visited, if anyone’s interested.

On January 31st, the conclusion to the two-parter is titled The Return.

For a full episode guide, go here.


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  1. I have no intelligence comments to make, only to say that I wished to leaf a comment of somekind to thank you for your Genevieve reference. My most favourite English movie.