Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Bank Holiday Big Book Bonus Bonanza

Okay, perhaps the post title’s overselling it a little, but on May 23rd The Bedlam Detective sees UK publication and in anticipation of the event, we’re making the Kindle edition of Down River free for the holiday weekend. You’ll have 72 hours in which to grab it, from 12.00am (Pacific Standard Time) on May 4th to around midnight PST on May 6th.

UPDATE: apparently Amazon can be a little approximate with timing, depending on traffic at their servers.

Johnny Mays has the moral conscience of a selfish child in the frame of a plain-clothes police officer. The city is his playground, the rest of us his toys. He likes to find out where we work, where we live, what will scare us most. And Johnny never had a toy he didn’t break.

But Johnny starts a car chase, and he pushes it too far. Soon they’re fishing for his body at the foot of a dam, and partner Nick Frazier has been left behind.

They were friends, once, a long time ago, and there’s no greater anger than that of a friend who feels betrayed. Nick had hoped that he might keep Johnny from going over the edge, in every sense. But Johnny doesn’t see it that way.

Johnny’s last words still echo in Nick’s mind: “I’m going to remember this. I’m coming back for you.”

Then the killings start. Killings of people Johnny didn’t like. While Johnny’s car is dredged up, empty.

“The denouement, thanks to Gallagher’s strong writing and excellent characterisations, is unforgettable.” (Publishers Weekly)

“An out-and-out novel of paranoia, tension and sharply honed violence which confirms Gallagher as one of Britain’s most exciting writers of literate, nerve-shredding thrillers. Down River is Gallagher’s most impressive novel to date. He’s stripped, oiled and tuned his prose until it growls like a Ferrari, smooth, fast, and very, very powerful. The horror is firmly rooted in reality, yet seems ready at any moment to veer into deep, dark shadows… an unstoppable, gut-wrenching ride to the last page.” (Starburst)

“Oktober broke new ground in its blending of genres, its thoughtful characterisation, and its non-stop action. With Down River, Gallagher returns to his own brand of police procedural once more… and he’s pulled it off brilliantly.” (Mystery Scene)

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