Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Chimera: the making of a TV Monster

Here’s a follow-up to this post from a couple of weeks back, in which discovering the whereabouts of an old colleague inspired me to revisit one of my early projects.

During Chimera‘s pre-production and filming I hopped around with my then state-of-the-art camcorder and collected footage which then sat, unshown and unseen, until Revelation Films secured DVD rights to the show after long and patient effort.

I offered the footage for use as a possible extra feature – in fact it made three featurettes. I recorded the commentaries on a deceptively tiny digital recorder in my Los Angeles apartment, working around the distraction of hummingbirds outside the window and the noise from my landlord’s leafblower on the drive, and emailed them back to the UK.

This is the first of the three. If you want to see the others, it won’t ruin you to buy the disc. Which also includes a PDF of the earlier radio adaptation script, and the show’s original Press Kit, and a couple of other things I don’t even remember. “Contains moderate gore”.

Incidentally, with so much nostalgia-driven stuff on the blog of late you might be forgiven for thinking I haven’t been working on anything new.  Not so. I spent most of 2014 developing a network project and working between drafts on a new Becker novel that I delivered last month. Development happens off the radar, so there’s nothing to say about that right now. And it’s too soon to give you any news on the novel.

But if you’d rather imagine me idle, feel free.