Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Comparative Anatomy Publication Date

…is being pushed a number of weeks due to delivery issues at the printer. I’ll post more when I have detailed information. Subterranean tell me that the same issues are affecting all the titles they have out for printing with the three companies that they use.

In the meantime you can stoke your anticipation here. Ordering direct from Subterranean also gets you the exclusive eBook Hounded.

And while I understand the Amazon aversion of many book buyers, I know that in some cases the availablility of free international shipping for Prime members has been a significant factor. So here’s an Amazon link for anyone who wants to pursue it.

“Gallagher (The Bedlam Detective) renders ingenious concepts and fully realized characters, both human and supernatural, through lambent prose… including the masterful “Shepherds’ Business,” in which a doctor moves to a remote British island in 1947, where he gradually discovers horrors beyond his wildest imagining. Fans of Arthur Machen and Stephen King will be especially captivated.”

Publishers Weekly

The cover for the short story collection Comparative Anatomy, art by Christopher Shy