Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher


…being the title of my Silent Witness story, the first part of which is showing on BBC1 at 9pm tonight. And no, it’s not about wills or family squabbles. It’s got explosions and stunts and sex, high crimes and buried secrets and decent people co-opted into sinister agendas.

(There was a picture here, but with a certain lack of foresight I linked it from the Radio Times website instead of nicking and sticking it. Now they’ve taken it down, so the link is broken. That’ll learn me.)

Pic shows Ed Stoppard as Lord James Embleton, and Emilia Fox as Nikki Alexander. Embleton’s a science entrepreneur with a political peerage. It’s enabled his appointment to a government role without election. He’s an idealist, so good luck with that.

(I chose his name to honour British illustrator Ron Embleton, because I could.)

Part two tomorrow. There was a bit with a sheep, but that was cut.

I’ll leave you to imagine.