Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

New Sebastian Becker Story

As part of the runup to Christmas, I’ve written a new short story for Random House’s Dead Good Books site. Set in the Bethlem Royal Hospital in 1912, the action takes place in the period between The Kingdom of Bones and The Bedlam Detective. If you’re a new reader it’ll serve as a brief introduction to Becker and his world.

It was late in the afternoon when one of the ward orderlies appeared in the doorway to Sebastian Becker’s basement office. Sebastian had spent most of the day clearing a space to work. They’d given him a desk and a chair, and a hook for his coat. He would have appreciated a window.

The orderly, clearly not expecting to find the room occupied, said, ‘Oh.’

‘Is that my welcome letter?’ Sebastian said, eyeing the envelope in the orderly’s hand.

‘That would depend, sir,’ the orderly said. ‘Are you the Visitor’s man?’

The story continues here.