Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

“One of the Strangest Dramas in the Small Screen’s History”

I was looking for something in the archives when I came across this little snippet, and thought I’d share. It fairly counts as contemporary, since the episode seems to air every other week on ITV3…

Of The Cup of Silence, December 23rd’s feature-length Rosemary & Thyme Christmas Special, Victoria Segal wrote in The Sunday Times:

…Superficially it resembles Women’s Institute television, a comfortable shoe of a show, yet close inspection shows Rosemary & Thyme to be one of the strangest dramas in the small screen’s history… for all the intrigue you quickly believe this is written by people whose horticultural interests extend to high-end herbal exotics. Consider the evidence: gratuitous shots of mushrooms accompanied by sinister music; a group of B-movie fans re-creating Peter Cushing films in the hotel’s cellar; and best of all, a prog-rock reference so incongruous the writer must have had a bet. Forget Midsomer Murders and feed your head.

And I wrote:

“Much as I hate to disillusion a journalist, no exotic substances were involved. That’s what my world looks like all the time.”