Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

The Opinionated Writer, Part Four

Earlier this year I gave long answers to some very basic questions for a film student’s diploma dissertation. This is the last, and the briefest.

Which companies have you worked for? What are they like to work for? Are there differences in styles and techniques?

Off the top of my head — the BBC, ITV, BBC Films, Zenith, Carnival, Gaumont, Power TV, Jerry Bruckheimer, Warner Bros, CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC, most of them several times. You can find my full credits list in the IMDB but that’s only a partial snapshot of my career because there’s no mention there of the 14 novels, the early radio dramas where I learned my craft, or any of the companies 
I’ve developed stuff with that didn’t get made, including at least four feature screenplays.

Most people along the way have been good to work with. My style and technique don’t really vary as I move from one place to another, because that’s what they come to me for.

Parking space, Warners lot. Trust me, it's a big deal
Parking space on the Warner Bros lot. The paint takes one season to fade away.

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