Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Website Relaunch: A Promotion

Unless you’re visiting for the first time, you’ll have noticed that the website’s undergone a serious overhaul. It had been needing it for some time but it was seeing Katherine Lam‘s eerie woodland image that kicked me into gear; it so nailed the emotional nuance I’d sought to put into Nightmare, with Angel that I immediately saw how this needed to go. Thanks to Katherine for the header image and to Paul Drummond for the site design.

It was thoughtful of the Queen to stage her Jubilee around the site’s relaunch so I thought I’d better do a bit of something myself. From Saturday May 28th (2022, if you found this in some future Google search) my e-novella Melody James will be on offer as a free download. The offer will run over the long weekend and end on Tuesday the 31st.

Yep, free, gratis, on the house. And should that whet your appetite for reading more on Melody’s formative childhood, the following week will see the download price of The Authentic William James cut to 99p (or its US equivalent)*.

There is much to admire here, as the tightly wound plot spins us round constantly and shoots with dead-eye precision towards its conclusion. There is so much incidental detail that it is a joy to read and manages to sit lightly in a way that Dan Brown never could. The links and movements and comparison between the troubles of the respective families involved are masterful and I’m so in love with Sebastian I’ve ordered the two previous novels.

It’s always great to happen upon a new series of novels that is worth investing time in and this is one of the wonders of reading and trying out different genres. This sort of falls into the nostalgic with a twist Sherlock Holmes market and it also feels like a little spoonful of history that goes down like sweet medicine. I’m in awe of writers who can create these mini-worlds, whether in the past or the future of even out of this world and Gallagher proves time and again this is his talent.


*Both titles revert to regular price on May 31st and June 11th. Offer applies in the Amazon.com and .co.uk marketplaces.