Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Category: twitter

  • #LitChat

    Tonight (Friday, March 30th) I’m putting on my grownup’s hat to be guest host in a moderated one-hour Twitter conversation about writing in general and The Bedlam Detective in particular. Anyone can join in and I hope you will, or it’ll be a pretty lonely hour for me. You can follow the conversation using the…

  • Everyone’s a Critic

    Okay, first up, here’s the deal; the eBook versions of both Down River and Oktober are relaunching with new covers by Paul Drummond, and I’ve 20 review copies of each to give away. In return I ask you to add your review to the Oktober and Down River pages on Amazon.com. Use the contact page…

  • TV, SF

    On her Twitter account, independent script editor and Script Angel blogger Hayley McKenzie wrote, “When I think ‘sci-fi’ I think action-adventure, but the trailers for Outcasts made it look earnest and ponderous.” I hadn’t seen Outcasts or even the trailer at that point, so I couldn’t comment on her impression (here’s Good Dog‘s take on…

  • Twitter

    Brooligan is now on Twitter. You can find me here. I’ll drop in the odd nugget about the new show that I’m developing for Fox, insofar as I can do it without tempting the gods. You know how they love to screw with our plans.