Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher


Tonight (Friday, March 30th) I’m putting on my grownup’s hat to be guest host in a moderated one-hour Twitter conversation about writing in general and The Bedlam Detective in particular. Anyone can join in and I hope you will, or it’ll be a pretty lonely hour for me.

You can follow the conversation using the #litchat hashtag, and join in by including the tag in your message or question. I’ll be using Tweetchat to sort and filter the tweets. The moderator will be on the lookout for tweets without the hashtag, but even a safety net can sometimes be slipped through. Read more about the event here.

You don’t need to follow me to participate. I’m on Twitter as @Brooligan, if you do care to follow, but don’t expect to learn the secrets of the Universe. A selection of recent tweets appears below, by way of proof.

The LitChat will take place at 4pm EST, which I think equates to 9pm in the United Kingdom. Which I think makes it 1pm in California? Apparently different parts of the US put their summer clocks forward at different times, which results in a schism between EST and EDT to add to the usual East-West Coast differences. Chuck in last week’s hour-forward of the UK’s clocks and I’m amazed that life goes on, we all aren’t at war, and planes don’t fall out of the sky on a regular basis.

Thanks to Carolyn Burns Bass, #litchat founder and moderator, for the invitation.

Those Tweets:

Tried absinthe once. Next time just punch me in the face and blowtorch my tongue.

The Clarke Awards are for SF. The Dave Clark Award is for drumming more enthusiastically when you see your own closeup on the studio monitor

La-Z-Boy and Ladyboy. Sound very similar. Wonder how much trouble that must have caused over the years.

Karl Lagerfeld. To quote my grandma, what the f*** has he come as?

I’m singing along to a Bob Dylan track, and have to concede that he’s way the more tuneful of the two of us.

“Doesn’t suffer fools gladly” is code for “unpleasant asshole”. Unpleasant assholes assume it’s a compliment.

I sometimes look back and wonder if I’m the fool that others have suffered without letting me know.

“After viewing this item (The Bedlam Detective) customers buy Sherlock Series 2”. WTF? Get back here. @steven_moffat says you smell.

Is it too late to organise an international manhunt for the bloke who told Christopher Lee he could sing?

Been asked to talk about the papers on local radio this Sunday morning. The D-lister rolodex must have come full circle again.

If you get a mommyjacker on Mumsnet, how do you tell?

Now that Terra Nova’s been cancelled the field is again clear for my SPARTANS VS DINOSAURS (I’ll do it one day. I will.)

Coughs and flu in the Brooligan house. Place has been rattling like the Bronte parsonage for the past week.

Used translation software to put on an article on Prof Challenger from German into English. THE LAND OF MIST came out as COUNTRY OF MUCK.

And finally, the perennial…

By the way, did I ever mention I had a book out..?

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