Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

The Joys of Research

From the front page of a microfilmed 1903 newspaper in the Historic New Orleans Collection… not exactly the reason I was there, but too good to ignore.

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3 responses to “The Joys of Research”

  1. Well well well, look who’s joined the blog web of procrastiscribes! You kept that a bit quiet. Or was it that you just didn’t want *me* coming here? That’s it, isn’t it? Oh, I was *never* good enough for you, etc etc

  2. It sort of happened by accident. I was only supposed to be repairing my blogger account so that I could post comments and tell everybody where they’re getting it all wrong. Up came this screen… create your own blog in three steps. Five minutes later, there it was… and I’m thinking, fek, now what?

    So then I thought I’d just let it run for a week or two without telling anyone, see how hard it would be to keep it fed.

    I believe the term for this is “the slippery slope”.

  3. Well, I’ve been hoping you’d start a blog for ages, so I’m glad to see it. I reckon one post per week is the minimum required, although I’ve often left mine abandoned for much longer. Gah, and now I’ve blown the gaff on my blog by announcing your arrival. Outed! Sorry about that…