Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Judgement Days

I don’t know who’s been handling the job in recent years, but back in the day I used to help out judging the Manchester Festival‘s amateur film competitions alongside Norman J Warren, director of Inseminoid and Satan’s Slave.

The field ranged from pitch-perfect recreations of 50s American SF on 16mm by the Spence Brothers of Northern Ireland, to Standard 8 efforts by cine clubs that moved along with the power to slow down time itself. But rarely did I see a film where the love didn’t somehow shine through.

One of my favourites was an utterly unpretentious remake of Superman by a bunch of teenaged friends. Superman’s costume was a bath towel added to his school uniform. Flight was achieved by cutting a figure out of a comic book and sticking it to the inside of a train window, then filming it as the landscape raced by outside. Howard and Theodore Lydecker would have been proud.


2 responses to “Judgement Days”

  1. I seem to remember a Superman remake by teenagers. Called Superman Spoof, I think. They even planned a remake – Superman Spoof 2. I recall a scene where the Superman actor lay belly down on a fridge while the crew flapped his cape. Good stuff.

  2. Clearly the gonzo spirit lives on. I mean, you get those fan films like GRAYSON where they achieve an awesome feature look on their weekends, but am I alone in finding that level of seriousness a little bit creepy?