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Stephen Gallagher

Six Things of No Importance

Over at Blowing My Thought Wad, I was tagged by Good Dog to reveal six things of no real importance about myself. These are the rules of this particular tag game and I can tell you now, I’m going to break one of them…

(A) Put the link of the person who tagged you on your blog.
(B) Write the rules.
(C) Mention six things or habits of no real importance about yourself.
(D) Tag six people adding their links directly.

It’s the last one that’s a problem, and one of the reasons why I’ve been dithering over this since March; I still feel like something of a newcomer to ‘the blogosphere’ and every blogger I read seems to have been through this already. If I don’t know for sure that they have, then I’m guessing they have and I’ve missed it. If you’re one of them and I’m wrong, well… take it as a compliment. I’m just assuming you’re that popular.

1. I can’t ride a bike.
2. The first recognition I ever got for writing was an award from the Temperance Society for an essay on the evils of drink.
3. I dislike onions, vinegar, and coffee.
4. I’ve visited 24 of the United States and filled in one of those online maps so I could see them all.
5. I’ve never watched or listened to any interview I’ve done for TV or radio.
6. According to my parents, when I was five I had a crush on Petula Clark.

So there you go. Inept, hypocritical, high-maintenance, smug, insecure, and riddled with unfulfilled longing.

Sounds about right.


4 responses to “Six Things of No Importance”

  1. Hahaha…I wanna know if you just never learned how to ride a bike, or ride so badly you just gave up? Because you know, if you did know at one time, it’s just like…blah blah blah

    Fingers crossed for Eleventh Hour pick up.

  2. Never got the hang. Probably didn’t help that the bike I was trying to learn on was a heavy adult’s model passed on from an older relative, but then I look at pennyfarthings and think, well, people somehow got the hang of those, and I realise that I have no real excuse.

  3. I had a pickled onion in my coffe once. It wasn’t right.

    According to my parents, when I was five I had a crush on Petula Clark.Because you’d seen her singing or was it after watching I Know Where I’m Going?

    I used to cycle around the countryside a lot back when we lived high up in the Teign Valley on the edge of Dartmoor.

    There was a really steep him and you had to get up it before the milk tanker made one of its daily appearances. Even if the driver had just gone over the lip of the rise and was pointing downwards, the sod wouldn’t reverse the few feet to the gap that would let you by.

    Thanks for being one of the people who came up with the list. (He said, hoping Mr Dixon got the hint).

  4. I can’t really say about the Petula Clark thing… five’s an awfully long way back… I’m guessing she must have been on TV a lot at the time and with only two channels, there was no getting away from her.

    When I Googled for clues, in all the pictures she reminded me of DEXTER’s sister.