Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

You Wouldn’t Think It, But…


7 responses to “You Wouldn’t Think It, But…”

  1. Lurking somewhere on the net is a forum for A&E workers where they swap stories of the bizarre insertions they've encountered, and the patients' explanations for same… not an urban legend, I fell across it in a Google search one time and have never seen it since.

    But how vividly I remember one nurse's account of the bloke who came in with an empty jam jar wedged up his arse, and how they got it out…

    The process involved sliding a stick into the jar and then piping wet plaster of paris in to set it into place. Once the plaster had set, they were able to use the stick as a handle and work the jar out.

    One drawback for the patient. As plaster of paris sets, it generates heat…

  2. Oh dear! I wonder what kind of novel/story/screenplay you must be researching now, Steve, to have turned up such information during your research! 😉