Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Last ITV Viewer Located

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4 responses to “Last ITV Viewer Located”

  1. Blimey. To think no one missed her ENOUGH to go break the door down, that’s really sad.

    What’s really odd is that surely she paid her bills and whatnot…What did the utility companies think when no money arrived? No such thing as direct debit 42 years ago.

    And why did the postman not notice the piles of letters that were surely growing on the other side of the door?

    And what about the paperboy or the milkman because people got their papers and milk from them 42 years ago.

    And didn’t she need her meter read?

    And didn’t anyone notice a smell???
    ~when I was a student there was a junkie who lived downstairs from me… He OD’d and he smelt awful, I had to call the police.

    A friend of mine lived opposite a crazy woman who had a million hamsters running wild in her flat and they bit through wires and burnt the whole block down too.

    That last one has nothing to do with this; it’s just a cool story.

    But yeah: random people who deliver to houses – do your job properly and check for dead people!