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Stephen Gallagher

An Award! An Award!

It doesn’t happen often, so what the hell, let’s shout. I’ll write a proper update on the event tomorrow (ish – it’s very late and we’ve been hitting the bright lights and low dives of Lisbon) but for now, from the press release:

Lisbon, Friday November 22nd 2013 On the eve of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary celebrations, one of its former writers has picked up the European Science Drama prize. LEGACY is Stephen Gallagher’s two-part story for season 16 of the BBC flagship drama SILENT WITNESS. The European Science TV and New Media Awards ceremony took place on Friday night at Lisbon’s Pavilion of Knowledge, Ciência Viva.

LEGACY follows the uncovering of a major 60s nuclear accident through a forensics team’s piecing together of clues from its present-day aftermath. CRUSOE showrunner Stephen Gallagher has a track record as a creator of science-themed popular drama, from 90s  bioshocker CHIMERA to CBS/Bruckheimer’s ELEVENTH HOUR. Gallagher is represented by Julia Kreitman at The Agency and Josh Hornstock at UTA.

The 2013 European Science TV and New Media Festival is organised by EuroPAWS and Euroscience with the support of BASF, Janssen, the La Caixa Foundation, and NEF: The Innovation Institute and Science Foundation Ireland.

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0302497/
Awards schedule and shortlist: http://europaws.org/awards/

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